• Traditional, Manual Process
  • Human analysts can only examine a handful of verifications and sources.
  • Highly variable quality, comprehensiveness and reliability, dependent on individual analyst.
  • Searches sources for basic and static data points.
  • Only experienced and most of time, secondary analysts will notice complex statuses, changes and red flags, including discrepancies.
  • Information inputs prone to human error and typos.
  • Checks information once so data, including expiration date, is static and dated the moment it was run.
  • Takes hours or days to run the initial verifications and re-run on static expiration anniversary

Our Customers Achieve Higher ROI

Proactive Compliance


increase with verification history, screenshots & status alerts
Better Data


increase in accuracy of data for compliance & gated communities
On-Board Quickly


faster with access to 600+ primary source certifying orgs
Save Money


reduction in operating expense and employee time
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Our Mission is to Modernize

Credential screening is about the trust and accuracy of the underlying data. Today
that trust is broken. Professionals deserve more help in managing credentials across
multiple certifying orgs. Employers deserve a higher level of transparency and
accuracy of represented skills for applicants, employees and contractors for
compliance and timely action.

Atlas has found a better way.

The Mission of Atlas is to help our customers automate the verification, monitoring
and management of credentials in order to grow and protect assets in an increasingly
skill-based and regulated marketplace.

Our team is committed to our mission and the belief that transitioning to our
automated technology will help our customers continue their position as industry
leaders and innovators, rather than maintaining static, unverified, potentially-outdated
and resource-intensive lists of represented credentials.

Our Values

Strong values are core to our culture and delivering
great solutions to our customers.


No excuses.  Fulfill your obligations and deliver results.


You see the light in the strangest places if you look at it right.


Of process, communication and results.


Not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.


The secret to thriving is warm relationships.


Amass experiences and knowledge.


No problems, only solutions.


Be kind and respectful.

Our Leaders

Atlas Certified was started by an experienced group of entrepreneurs to modernize the way professionals, corporations and screening companies verify and manage skills, certifications and licenses. We know great companies require great effort so our team is relentlessly focused on solving our customer needs.


15+ Million Credentials Verified and Growing

Atlas works seamlessly with the largest primary source Certifying Orgs to continuously monitor status of represented credentials in a rapidly evolving economy across regulatory, technological, professional, and educational standards.

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