The Spirit of Space (and new adventures)

Jan 02, 2020

As a serial entrepreneur, I try to expose myself to new technology, science and ideas as much as possible. Every now and then I am asked to do something outside my expertise / comfort zone and tomorrow is a great example. I am a last minute substitute for my 2nd grade daughter’s science-go-around day and she is psyched! The obvious elephant in the room is that I am NOT a scientist but I am curious and fascinated by Space so accepted the challenge. Below is my presentation and I have two simple goals: I hope to (i) make my daughter proud (she deserves it) and (ii) spark (or at least not dampen) a few future scientists / astronauts (including my brilliant daughter)!!AlnAMfkd_3kHkf5xH3HSeq6ddG8TUQ

Photo: The Johnson Family Votes 2016 (no comment đŸ˜‰ )

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