The Great Re-Hiring: Post-COVID-19 Job Landscape

Jul 23, 2020


The first laboratory-confirmed case of coronavirus in the United States was reported on January 22, 2020. As the virus began to spread, state governments responded with various declarations of emergency including statewide lockdowns, school closures, and mandatory business shutdowns for months at a time. Now, over 3.29 million Americans have tested positive for COVID-19 and as a result, 68% of American workers have taken a paycheck cut or completely lost their job.


Due to this full-time work collapse, freelance job postings have risen 41% from April to June when compared to the same three months of 2019. Although the freelancer movement had an upward trend prior to the pandemic, experts now predict this surge to increase exponentially as more Americans seek side hustles to supplement lost income and more employers opt for greater flexibility in their workforce. The combination has created a shift in the global economy, with more individuals taking side gigs to meet the ‘on-demand’ needs of the average consumer. Many of these gigs rose from government, business, media, and health-care institutions that needed additional analysts to interpret and predict data trends on COVID-19 cases, but app-based hustles such as DoorDash, InstaCart, and Uber Eats also experienced a surge in business as the coronavirus quickly spread across the nation. 


Although the pandemic has changed many aspects of the working economy, the need for verified credentialing remains the same (see We Solve the Problem of Trust). Most contract work requires a potential employee to hold a valid license or go through a background check before hire, and this influx of on-demand workers will leave traditional Human Resources teams scrambling to efficiently conduct the initial screening process. What’s worse; 89% of employers never rescreen after the initial check which leaves the door open for potential status changes, discrepancies, or other red flags to go unnoticed for months before renewal. 


In addition to the transition to on-demand, referred and freelancer positions, economists expect a great rehiring, which will require new tools to handle the exponential increase in the speed of hiring, and therefore monitoring of credentials, of millions of jobless Americans. The tools we currently have at our disposal—the horizontal jobs platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Craigslist—are clearly inadequate for the enormity of the task. The average time to hire in 2018 was 38 days, which does not include any practical way to manage and verify represented credentials. Given the scale and urgency of the crisis, that’s far too long. 


Atlas Certified provides a unique, automated verification and monitoring solution for licenses across industries by communicating directly with primary source certifying organizations for on-demand, current, and trusted data to replace the error-prone and unreliable static data from the manual verification process used today. We eliminate the struggle for companies to match demand with legal requirements, consumer safety, and compliance by regularly, automatically verifying against the primary source certifying organization. 


As the economy reopens and the nation begins to recover from surging unemployment rates, the new normal will continue to usher a shift away from full-time jobs to multiple side hustles. Our API approach to credential monitoring is the first of its kind, and now, this post-coronavirus job landscape has jumpstarted the need for licensure-monitoring to match the status of our rapidly changing economy: on-demand. 


Still, these on-demand benefits must be balanced with the risks (company brand/liability) and most importantly, customer safety, and the acknowledgment that the gig economy needs oversight and new technologies, like Atlas Certified, to help safely support the continued expansion of our rapidly evolving economy.  


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