Mass. Mental Health Center Sued For ‘Unlicensed’ Staff

May 04, 2018

Mass. Mental Health Center Sued For ‘Unlicensed’ Staff

On Tuesday, Attorney General Maura Healey sued a mental health center in Massachusetts for providing unlicensed patient care. According to a news release, South Bay Mental Health Center has a “widespread pattern of employing unlicensed, unqualified, and unsupervised staff” across many of their health facilities. Specifically, 17 clinics were named in the complaint.


“That suit said more than 30,000 patients a year were treated by unqualified clinicians… For example, the release says, “the Attleboro Clinic, which had 125 employees, had only two licensed supervisors[,] who could not have possibly provided the necessary supervision to all of the other unlicensed clinicians.””


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