License Verification & Ongoing Monitoring

Mar 15, 2021

Ensure staff credentials are valid, current, and compliant. 

A few reasons our customers, including UC Health, Fastaff, ANGI,, Amazon, Checkr and many more, trusted and invested with Atlas.  Please read more here and contact us with any questions.


Atlas One platform. Millions of credentials.

Atlas is fully-automated and the only B2B platform for real-time license verification and data management.  The Atlas license management system provides ongoing, post-hire primary source verification of licenses, certifications and registrations. The Atlas system assists customers to ensure compliance with mission critical license/certification requirements, stay ahead of accreditation requirements, safety directives, and applicable laws.

Key Benefits

Automated Credentials Monitoring

ONE platform…ONE Solution for the instant and continuous status of represented credentials for 600+ Primary Source Certifying Org with 10,000s of verifiable licenses and certification types monitored.

Data Lookup

Atlas provides License discovery tool with pre-downloaded license data across the Certifying Orgs with ~25M verified profiles and growing everyday.

Full Automation

Fully automated monitoring includes verification data, screenshots, and history for increased regulatory compliance & reduced (operational, liability and public relations) risk, human error, expense and time to market; & automated status alerts notifying critical events (Renewal, Expiration, Disciplinary, Adverse actions) for proactive decisions to limit liability.

Bi-directional Data Integration

Keep your licensure data consistently in-sync with our bi-directional data integration.  Decrease risk of manual errors and compliance involved with the back and forth of manual spreadsheets.


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