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Accurate and Instant Verification

Atlas offers an automated, centralized credential verification and monitoring solution to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable nightmare of manual verifications in use today

Prof. Services

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts

Automated, ongoing monitoring by Atlas provides historical record with screenshots and proactive alerts of license expirations, disciplinary events or other adverse actions to ensure accurate and timely compliance.

Prof. Services

Significant Cost

Atlas automation eliminates excessive costs of today’s manual processes, including wasted labor resources, third-party background check services, human error, stale or expired information and time-to-market.

Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind

Atlas understands the risks associated with
high turnover employees and the value of
identifying quality and licensed candidates.

Atlas is built for on-demand verification of
licenses, whether real estate agents,
optometrists, hairdressers, architects or
tattoo artists, to ensure accurate, up-to-date
and cost effective state compliance.

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1.5 Million Credentials Verified and Growing

Atlas' portfolio of automated verifications grows every day in addressing evolving regulatory,
technological, professional and educational standards.

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Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Proactive Alerts, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind.