• Pre-Qualify applicants, employees, consultants, freelancers, partners, customers and more
  • Accurate and up-to-date status of represented credentials across hundreds of certifying databases
  • Reduce time, costs and risks associated with manual background checks (static data)


  • A single solution for all license and certification data, retrieved directly from primary source certifying orgs
  • Ongoing monitoring includes historical verification data and screenshots
  • Custom alerts notifying of critical events (Renewal, Expiration, Disciplinary, Adverse Action, etc).


  • Instant and continuous status of represented credentials for 600+ primary certifying organizations
  • Scheduled Monitoring, Screenshots and Alerts for proactive decisions to limit potential liability
  • Increased regulatory compliance while reducing human error, costs and public relations risk

Why Atlas Certified?

The current process of verifying license data is manual, time-consuming, error-prone, expensive, and produces inconsistent results across hundreds of individual certifying organizations. Companies rely on Atlas to accurately, effectively, and efficiently verify and monitor critical and represented licenses across certifying organizations, including Certified Public Accountant licenses, accounting firms, creditors, adjusters, and many more.

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The Highest Level of Security

Atlas utilizes the most advanced technologies and constantly reviews every aspect of security in order to protect client privacy and ensure security of its data.


Increased Compliance and Reduced Human Error

Atlas communicates directly with the certifying organizations and our automated credential monitoring for on-demand, current and trusted data reduces business risk and potential liability associated with using unverified, stale and outdated lists.


Accurate and Instant Verification

Atlas offers an automated, centralized credential verification and monitoring solution to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable nightmare of manually pre-qualifying and managing licenses/certifications today.

Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind

Atlas understands the mandatory compliance
requirements and that employees not having
represented credentials, whether due to
inadvertent expiration or fraud, increases
business risk and compromises enterprise value.

Atlas verifies, monitors and proactively alerts
status regardless of expiration, adverse action
or disciplinary event to ensure accurate and
efficient compliance.

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15+ Million Credentials Verified and Growing

Atlas works seamlessly with the largest primary source Certifying Orgs to continuously monitor status of represented credentials in a rapidly evolving economy across regulatory, technological, professional, and educational standards.

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Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Proactive Alerts, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind.