Why an Atlas Badge?

  • Licenses, Certifications, Skills and Advanced Education are crucial to impress potential employers in a rapidly changing and competitive marketplace. Organizing, maintaining and presenting a current record of verified certifications presents a difficult challenge.
  • According to HireRight's 2017 employment screening benchmark report, 85 percent of resumes contain misrepresentations / fraud, forcing employers to consider and hire only candidates who have passed time-consuming background checks.

Why Pre-Qualify with the Atlas Badge?

  • Atlas Badges are for everyone to represent and promote skills gained through a variety of experiences. They allow you to follow your interests and passions and unlock opportunities in life and work by standing out from the crowd.
  • Unknown, inadvertent expiration of hard earned credentials can tarnish your record and compromise your value; unfortunately, maintaining an accurate timetable of renewal dates can be a tedious and often overwhelming task.
  • Atlas Badges provides peace-of-mind by communicating directly with primary source certifying orgs on your behalf to automate oversight, alerts and proper action for renewal dates, unexpected expiration or adverse actions.

Where can I share my Atlas Badge?

  • LinkedIn, Blogs and other professional networks * Job applications * Social media sites - Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn * Even in your email signature!
  • Are you certified, or are you Atlas Certified? By pre-verifying credentials and becoming Atlas Certified, you earn increased visibility, credibility and distinction in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Atlas Certified is free to join, verify and manage your credentials.
Atlas Badge

Why Atlas Certified?

The current process of verifying license data is manual, time-consuming, error-prone, expensive, and produces inconsistent results across hundreds of certifying organizations. Professionals rely on Atlas to accurately, effectively, and efficiently verify and monitor critical and represented licenses across certifying organizations and showcase those credentials through the Atlas Badge.

Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind

Atlas Certified provides protection and peace-of-mind to our users through Atlas Badges, which automates the verification, oversight and alerts for licenses and certifications to ensure timely and proper action for renewal dates, unexpected expirations and disciplinary events.

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Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Proactive Alerts, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind.