How compliant is your contingent workforce?

Feb 18, 2020

The IRS 20-Factor Test. The DOL’s revised compliance guidelines. The Uber lawsuit. Suffice it to say, there’s a lot going on with regards to labor compliance in the freelance economy.

Risk mitigation and classification trends to compliance best practices and IRS standards. Find out how today’s biggest brands are using software to automate and streamline many of their compliance controls, including the verification and monitoring of represented credentials and skills.

With the expanded global utilization of contingent contractors by corporations for project, statement of work and the emerging gig economy, ensuring the fully compliant engagement of these contractors is a primary focus of many organizations. The risks of getting contractor classification wrong globally will open an organization up to further workforce classification audits and liabilities.

Why Atlas?

    • The rise of the contingent workforce – up to 40% of all workers by 2025 will be contingent.


    • Talent shortages and high cost of accessing in-demand talent drive the need to tap into talent anywhere, at any time, at the right cost.


    • Globalization drives the need for an agile and flexible workforce model that is geography agnostic and ‘change friendly’.


    • Technology advances mean that people can work from anywhere around the world and collaborate on projects with ease.


    Governments and global legislative landscapes lag behind the needs of today’s organizations and today’s workers leaving them to navigate diverse and complex laws and regulations.

Our team observed the challenging and growing human resource need to verify, represent and manage credentials and the consequences of being wrong. Atlas is the solution and revolutionizes the way employers manage their employees’, contractors’ and consultants’ represented skills.

Atlas has found a better way.

The Mission of Atlas is to help our customers automate the verification, monitoring and management of credentials in order to grow and protect assets in an increasingly skill-based and regulated marketplace.

Our team is committed to our mission and the belief that transitioning to our automated technology will help our customers continue their position as industry
leaders and innovators, rather than maintaining static, unverified, potentially-outdated and resource-intensive lists of represented credentials.

Please contact us to find out more about how our custom solutions can solve your verification needs.

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