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VerifyNOW Technology

VerifyNOW is the automated and centralized credential solution from Atlas Certified. VerifyNOW provides instant and continuous verification of licenses, certifications and skills directly with the primary source Certifying Organization.  The Atlas Certified verification results includes the credential holder meta data (e.g. expiration date, specialty, etc.) with screenshot for compliance to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable process of manual verifications in use today.

Atlas customers submit a verification request, through the Atlas Dashboard or API, with defined search criteria, including credential holder name (i.e. individual or company), identifier (i.e. license / certification number, address, NPI, Federal ID, etc.).   Depending on the Certifying Organization (Cert Org) and whether the credential holder is an individual or company, Atlas automatically requests different pieces of input data from the customer to ensure an accurate match.  Cert Orgs include technology providers (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, PMI), State License Boards (e.g. Pharmaceutical, Medical License, Nursing, Contractors), Federal Databases (e.g. DEA, FDA, OIG) and other relevant databases (e.g. Mariner, International Driver Licenses).

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