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MonitorNOW Technology

The MonitorNOW technology is an automated, ongoing monitoring solution by Atlas Certified that provides custom and scheduled verifications of represented credentials for proactive alerts of change in status (i.e. active to expired), revoked, pre-expiration (i.e. 30, 60 or 90 days) and disciplinary/adverse actions to ensure accurate and timely compliance.  Depending on how a Cert Org provider has been configured for each customer, the Atlas engine will automatically rerun the verification every X number of days.  Each time a verification is monitored (re-verified on custom schedule – i.e. monthly), the engine captures all meta data (e.g. expiration date, address, specialty, etc.) and corresponding screenshot of the verification result.  This data is available to our customers in the verification history, allowing customers to review the complete credential data and screenshot of each verification.  Depending on a user’s settings they will either automatically be notified immediately or on a weekly basis if any of their verifications have been revoked or expired.

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