Freelancers Are the New Cloud Computing & Automation, Displacement and The Spectre of Uselessness

Jul 19, 2017

The article, Freelancers Are the New Cloud Computing, continues on the trend that fulfilling specific skills (freelancers) is the future of our economy and the crux of the problem that our team is solving (verify and monitor those represented skills, certifications and licenses).

Traditional employees can be replaced more and more by freelancers who live and work remotely.

The second article article provides a thoughtful overview of automation, worker displacement and basic income, which is a very interesting/complex/vitally important topic to ensure all people remain relevant and active participants in our society.

The spectre of uselessness is a common experience in which we can build a new kind of societal vision, one where (through the capacity to produce) we can be active, productive, creative, useful to others and thus participate.

Now that we are moving from an industrial society to the next phase of socio-technological development, we have to ask what are the new rights people should have to remain active participants of society, to be able to produce, contribute and create value – not just to survive and have enough money for basic necessities, or, worse, to have state-sponsored jobs that could and should be automated.

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