Demos & Kratos = People Rule

Mar 28, 2021

The word democracy is derived from the Greek dēmokratiā, which in turn derives from the Greek dēmos (meaning “people”) and kratos (meaning “rule”).  Similar to our own lives, the United States experiment in democracy has been full of challenges and while a constant work in progress (and not always getting it right), has been an overwhelming success.

While many areas need improvement, one area where we have lagged is ownership of our data.  Tech companies selling our personal information (“…if you are not paying, you’re the product”).  Financial conglomerates scoring us with little transparency.   And employers controlling our hard earned education, work and personal history with backward (both in the past and antiquated) static background checks.

At Atlas, our mission has been to become a clearinghouse for credentials, but you may not know that is only part of our greater vision.  As technology improves and proves out (e.g., blockchain), Atlas envisions individuals (the people) controlling their data, exposing the relevant parts (*Static (amber) made of education / past employment & Dynamic made of credentials (licenses/certifications) and life events) to employers, customers or partners as they see fit.

With this model, individuals who pre-verify and share relevant information data (combinations of static and dynamic) will stand out in the marketplace and allow their chosen partners to hire faster with more transparency.  That transparency combined with Atlas’ advancing technology will quickly lead to more better hiring, compliance and safety for end-users (as proven by through our customers today, including ANGI, ADP, Fastaff, Checkr, Amazon and many more).   The individual (employee, contractor or small business) controls its data and flow.

Atlas role continues to transition to clearinghouse and inspector, helping both individuals, companies, and consumers the transparency in to data flow and represented credentials, all guaranteed through the amber blockchain.

Even our name, Atlas, “bearer of the heavens”, and Certified envisions a credential data management platform completely controlled by the individual with built in trust based on verified data (static & dynamic) directly from primary source certifying orgs and encased (amber) through blockchain.  It is time to let People Rule and transition away from the broken and static system of today…a true model of Demos & Kratos held up by Atlas.  Please let us know what you think and how we can work together to make this a reality.

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