Atlas Certified Privacy Policy

Last updated March 15, 2016

Your Privacy Matters. The Atlas team developed the policy below to be as clear and straightforward as possible. Our aim is for you – our members and customers – to always feel informed and empowered with respect to your privacy on Atlas Certified.

The mission of Atlas Certified is to verify the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive, successful and differentiated. To achieve our Mission, Atlas Certified makes services available through our website, mobile applications, and developer platform, to help you, your connections, and millions of other professionals verify, monitor, learn, certify, find opportunities or employees, work and make decisions in a network of trusted organizations and groups.

Being part of Atlas Certified means sharing information about yourself with other professionals, corporations, as well as working privately on your own. By default, your account is set up to share the information that we have found the vast majority of our Users are interested in sharing. But the amount and type of information you decide to share, and with whom you share it, is up to you.

These are the three primary information and communication functions of Atlas Certified Resources:

Information about yourself that you share. This is the information that your connections, other professionals, and companies see about you. This may include your profile, qualifications, experience, certifications and your contributions to discussions on Atlas Certified Groups or other community features Atlas Certified may offer such as “Profile Stats” which, if you choose to opt-in, can show your verified certifications or skills. You have control over what you share, and you can update your information at any time.

Communication. We help you communicate with connections and other professionals. Some of this is one-to-one, some of it is in groups, and some of it may be a public discussion. You decide how much or how little you wish to communicate to individuals, groups, or the public.

Private activity. We also provide tools that you can use privately on Atlas Certified (for example, searching). These actions and information are private and we don’t share or distribute them to others on the website.

Of course, maintaining your trust is our top concern, so we adhere to the following principles to protect your privacy:

  • We do not share any information you have not chosen to display on your Atlas Certified profile to other parties, unless compelled by law, or as necessary to enforce our User Agreement or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Atlas Certified, its Users, and the public.
  • All information that you provide will be protected with industry standard protocols and technology.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by means of a notice on our home page so that you may access and review the changes to this document in advance of your continued use of the service. If you object to any changes, you may close your account. By continuing to use the Atlas Certified service after notice of changes has been sent to you or published on the Atlas Certified website, you are consenting to the changes. Please read this policy and send us questions, concerns and suggestions.

What Atlas Certified’s Privacy Policy Covers

  1. 1Information collected by Atlas Certified.
  2. 2 How Atlas Certified uses your information.
  3. 3 Your information choices.
  4. 4 Your obligations as a User.
  5. 5 Important information regarding service eligibility and US Department of Commerce Safe Harbor certification.
  6. 6 Security.
  7. 7 How to contact us.

1. Information Collected

The mission of Atlas Certified is to verify the world’s professionals to enable them to be more productive, successful and differentiated. To achieve our Mission, Atlas Certified makes services available through our website, mobile applications, and developer platform, premium services, and other information provided as part of the Atlas Certified services (“Services”) to help you and millions of other professionals verify, monitor, learn, certify, find opportunities or employees, work and make decisions in a network of trusted organizations and groups.

By joining Atlas Certified, you voluntarily and willingly provide Atlas Certified, LLC based in North Carolina, USA, certain information, including personally identifiable information, which we collect in order to provide the Services. If you have any hesitation about providing information to us and/or having your information displayed on the Atlas Certified website or otherwise used in any manner permitted in this Privacy Policy and the User Agreement, you should not become a member of the Atlas Certified community; and, if you are already a member, you should close your account.

We collect your personal information in the following ways:

A. Registration

In order to become a User, you must provide us the following information to create an account: name, email address or mobile number, country, and password. Without this minimal amount of information, you cannot create an Atlas Certified account. Like other passwords, you should choose one that is known only by you. Atlas Certified requests other information from you during the registration process, (e.g. , gender, location, etc. ) that Atlas Certified uses to provide better, more customized services such as language-specific profile pages and updates, better ads, and more valuable career opportunities. You acknowledge that this information is personal to you, and by creating an account on Atlas Certified, you allow others, including Atlas Certified, to identify you and to allow Atlas Certified to use your information in accordance with our User Agreement.

B. Profile Information

Once you become a User, you may provide additional information to your Atlas Certified Profile describing your certifications, skills, professional experiences, educational background, recommendations from other Atlas Certified Users, group memberships, and networking objectives (among other options). While providing additional information about yourself beyond what is minimally required at registration is entirely up to you, doing so enables you to derive more benefit from Atlas Certified and your professional network by helping you verify your professional identity and facilitating your search for professional resources, information, and new opportunities. Any information you provide at registration or in the Profile section may be used by Atlas Certified as described in the User Agreement and this Privacy Policy, including for the purpose of allowing professional opportunities to find you on Atlas Certified, or for serving more relevant advertisements on Atlas Certified. (Additional information regarding Atlas Certified’s advertising practices may be found below in Sections 1.H, 2.J, and 2.K. ) If you decide to not share additional information, you may not receive the full benefit of being an Atlas Certified User.

C. Contacts Information

You may choose to manually enter or upload data about your contacts to the “Contacts” section of your account on Atlas Certified. Information entered into Contacts is only viewable by you. By providing email addresses or other information of non-Users to Atlas Certified, you represent that you have authority to do so. All information that you enter or upload about your contacts is covered by the User Agreement and this Privacy Policy and will enable us to provide customized services such as suggesting people to connect with on Atlas Certified.

D. Customer Service

We collect information when you interact with Atlas Certified’s customer service website in order to accurately categorize and respond to customer inquiries and investigate possible breaches of our agreement terms.

E. Using the Atlas Certified Site and Applications

We receive information when you interact with and use the Atlas Certified website, Atlas Certified Applications (e.g. Atlas Certified for iPhone, Android, etc. ), and Atlas Certified platform technology (such as “Share on Atlas Certified” plugins for publishers). For example, we know when you click on ads, verify or monitor certifications, upload your address book, join groups, participate in polls, install an Atlas Certified mobile application, share articles on Atlas Certified, etc.

F. Using Third Party Services and Visiting Third Party Sites

We receive information when you use your Atlas Certified account to log in or authenticate to a third-party website or application. Also, if you are logged into Atlas Certified and visit a third party site that embeds Atlas Certified professional plugins, like “Share on Atlas Certified” for web publishers, Atlas Certified will receive information that those pages have loaded in your web browser. Atlas Certified will use this information to personalize the Atlas Certified-provided functionality, including providing you insights from your Atlas Certified network, allowing you to share information with your network, enabling you to use Atlas Certified functionality off the Atlas Certified site and serving you more relevant advertising. Atlas Certified’s retention of this data is addressed below in Section 1.K.

G. Cookies

Like most websites, we use cookies and web log files to track site usage and trends, to improve the quality of our service, to customize your experience on Atlas Certified, as well as to deliver Atlas Certified and third-party advertising to Users both on and off the Atlas Certified site. A cookie is a tiny data file that resides on your computer, mobile phone, or other device, and allows us to recognize you as a User when you return to the Atlas Certified website using the same computer and web browser. You can remove or block cookies using the settings in your browser, but in some cases doing so may impact your ability to use Atlas Certified. One type of cookie, known as a “persistent” cookie, is set once you’ve logged in to your Atlas Certified account. The next time you visit the Atlas Certified website, the persistent cookie will allow us to recognize you as an existing User so you will not need to log in before using the Services. In order to access or change any of your private information (like a credit card number) or to send a message to another User, however, you must log in securely again with your password even if your computer contains your persistent cookie. Another type of cookie, called a “session” cookie, is used to identify a particular visit to the Atlas Certified website. Session cookies expire after a short time or when you close your web browser. Other technology like Macromedia’s flash can be used to place the functional equivalent of a cookie on your computer. You can control flash “local stored objects” or “flash cookies” using the Macromedia Website Privacy Settings Panel at Atlas Certified may use cookie-equivalent technology for the limited purpose of enhancing the security of Atlas Certified’s services. We do not use flash cookies for advertising purposes.

In the course of serving advertisements or optimizing the Services to our Users, we may allow authorized third parties to place or recognize a unique cookie on your browser. Any information provided to third parties through cookies will not be personally identifiable but may provide general segment information (e.g. , your industry or geography, career field, or information about your professional or educational background) for the enhancement of your user experience by providing more relevant advertising. Most browsers are initially set up to accept cookies, but you can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Atlas Certified does not store unencrypted personally identifiable information in the cookies.d.

H. Advertising and Web Beacons

To support the Services we provide at no cost to our Users, as well as provide a more relevant and useful experience for our Users, we target and serve our own ads and third-party ads both on and off the site using ad networks. Ad networks include third party ad servers, ad agencies, ad exchanges, ad technology vendors and research firms.

We target ads to Users based on general profile categories (e.g. , “product managers in Texas” or “certification”) or on non-personally identifiable information inferred from a User’s profile (e.g. , industry, current or former company, school, compensation bracket, gender, age, ethnic origin, nationality, or other aspects of your life) in addition to a User’s use of Atlas Certified or their clicking on Atlas Certified ad inventory.

We use ad technology such as web beacons, pixels, anonymous ad network tags, and cookies to more effectively serve ads to our Users on and off Atlas Certified through ad networks, as well as to collect anonymous, aggregated auditing, research and reporting for advertisers. Because your web browser requests advertisements and web beacons directly from ad network servers, these networks can view, edit or set their own cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from their site.

I. Log files, IP Addresses and information about your computer and mobile device

Due to the communications standards on the internet, when you visit the Atlas Certified website we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came and the site to which you are going when you leave Atlas Certified. Additionally, advertisers receive the URL of the page you were on when you click on an ad on Atlas Certified. Atlas Certified also receives the internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer (or the proxy server you use to access the World Wide Web), your computer operating system and type of web browser you are using, email patterns, your mobile device (including your UDID) and mobile operating system (if you are accessing Atlas Certified using a mobile device), as well as the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier. Atlas Certified may also receive location data passed to it from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have enabled. Also, as described above in Sections 1.E. and 1.F. , Atlas Certified receives information when you access web pages containing Atlas Certified interactive plugins, such as “Share on Atlas Certified” or “Apply with Atlas Certified” functionality. The link between your IP address and your personally identifiable information is not shared with third parties without your permission, except as described in Section 2.L (“Compliance with Legal Process”), below.

J. Rights to Access, Correct and Eliminate Information About You

You have a right to access, modify, correct and eliminate the data you supplied to Atlas Certified. If you update any of your information, we may keep a copy of the information that you originally provided to us in our archives for uses documented in this policy. You may request deletion of your information at any time by contacting customer service. We will respond to your request within 30 days. Please note, however that information you have shared with others, or that other Users have copied, may also remain visible even if you request its deletion.

K. Data Retention

Atlas Certified will retain your information for so long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services, except in the case of our professional plugin impression data, which we de-identify after 12 months. If you wish to close your account, you may do so by contacting customer service. We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce this Agreement.

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