Atlas Certified Licence Verification and Monitoring in the Accounting Industry

Jun 06, 2018

Atlas Certified is well on its way to setting the standard for automated verification, and ongoing monitoring, of critical and represented credentials. Growing the portfolio of “Atlas Certified” Certifying Organizations is our number one priority.


With that in mind, our team is excited to announce Atlas’ expansion into the accounting industry by automating the verification, monitoring and alerts for primary source accounting certifying organizations, including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), CMA, CFM, and Accounting Firms, across all 50 states.


Atlas Certified provides instant and continuous verification of represented license, certifications, and skills. Atlas technology communicates directly with 250+ primary source certifying organizations, now including Accounting cert orgs throughout the United States.


“Our team appreciates the opportunity to demonstrate the dynamic value of Atlas Certified as a partner.  Simply put, we are confident that by transitioning to our fully automated, reliable verification and monitoring technology will allow our customers to enhance their position as industry leaders and innovators, by facilitation and maximization of regulatory compliance,  increased internal efficiencies, including re-allocation of employee time, and reduced liability exposure and brand risk, all while generating significant operating cost savings for the Company.”

– David Johnson, CEO Atlas Certified


Atlas’ automated and centralized credential solution includes historical verification history with screenshots to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable nightmare of manual verifications in use today. Automated, ongoing monitoring by Atlas provides proactive customized alerts of upcoming expirations (30, 60 or 90 days) and change in status, including disciplinary events or other adverse actions, to ensure accurate, timely and proactive compliance.



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