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From Compliance to Gated Communities to Verified Profiles...Pre-qualifying, confirming and monitoring represented credentials is critical for success in a rapidly evolving and skill-based economy.


Instant, accurate and current license and credential data

Atlas communicates directly with 600+ primary source certifying organizations to reduce business risk and increase compliance with detailed verification history and screenshots.

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Data to Power Compliance and Automation to Reduce Human Error

Atlas’ automated and centralized credential solution includes historical verification history with screenshots to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable nightmare of manual verifications in use today.

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Search a Real-Time Database and Generate Reports Automatically

Atlas' advanced technology processes millions of data points across verification results, transforming them into searchable criteria and summaries that allow our customers to quickly evaluate for proactive decisions and create gated access to professional-only products and discounts.

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Automated Change in Status Reports, including Revoked and Pre-Expiration

Automated, ongoing monitoring by Atlas provides proactive customized alerts of upcoming expirations (30, 60 or 90 days) and change in status, including disciplinary events or other adverse actions, to ensure accurate, timely and proactive compliance and keep your marketplace safe.

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Our Customers Achieve Higher ROI

Proactive Compliance


increase with verification history, screenshots & status alerts
Better Data


increase in accuracy of data for compliance & gated communities
On-Board Quickly


faster with access to 600+ primary source certifying orgs
Save Money


reduction in operating expense and employee time
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15+ Million Credentials Verified and Growing

Atlas works seamlessly with the largest primary source Certifying Orgs to continuously monitor status of represented credentials in a rapidly evolving economy across regulatory, technological, professional, and educational standards.

Atlas has found a better way

Accurate and Instant Verification

Accurate and Instant Verification

Atlas offers an automated, centralized credential verification and monitoring solution to replace the inefficient, time consuming, expensive, error-prone, and unreliable nightmare of manually pre-qualifying and managing licenses/certifications today.

Significant Cost<br> Savings

Significant Cost

Atlas automation eliminates excessive costs of today’s manual pre-qualification and monitoring process, including wasted labor resources, third-party background check services, human error, expired data, legal liability and time-to-market.

Increased Compliance and Reduced Human Error

Increased Compliance and Reduced Human Error

Atlas communicates directly with the certifying organizations and our automated credential monitoring for on-demand, current and trusted data reduces business risk and potential liability associated with using unverified, stale and outdated lists.

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts

Automated, ongoing monitoring by Atlas provides historical record with screenshots and proactive alerts of license expirations, disciplinary events or other adverse actions to ensure accurate and timely compliance.

The Highest Level of Security

The Highest Level of Security

Atlas utilizes the most advanced technologies and constantly reviews every aspect of security in order to protect client privacy and ensure security of its data.

Developer Integration Options and API

Developer Integration Options and API

Atlas automation allows enterprise customers and partners to seamlessly integrate Atlas certification and licensing data.

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Smart Screening, Intelligent Hiring, Proactive Alerts, Effective Compliance and Peace of Mind.